Sell Racing is a Kart Racing Team that was started in 2015, when Hayden and Jordan were 8 and 6. We are a small family team, made up of our two young drivers and their parents, Matt and Erin. We race predominantly in the South-East QLD area, travelling also to Zone and Interstate events.
Both Hayden and Jordan have Autism Spectrum Disorder and we have found racing an amazing form of therapy. Racing is something that they love and have a strong passion for, allowing them to grow and develop in their own unique way.
Motorsport has been Hayden's special interest area since he was very young. He desperately wanted to drive a go kart and has always envisaged a career in motorsport. Both Hayden and Jordan have a strong interest in mathematics and science and the engineering side of go kart racing has been amazing for the boys to be involved in. Their self esteem, social skills and ability to speak in public have all improved dramatically since taking up karting and the boys have been able to find an area where their Autism helps them to thrive, rather than struggle.

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Stay Tuned for On Track Racing to Re-Start and thenCome along to watch- spectator entry is FREE!

Hayden and Jordan are Brand Ambassadors for MotiV8 Training.

Sell Racing is also supported by SCP Surface Correction and Protection, Racing Ears- Custom Ear Protection, Plus Fitness 24/7 Underwood, 9ine5ive Tuning, I Fit 4 U Mobile 4x4 and Electrical Installs, Ruiz Plumbing Solutions, ADCC Dental, Big Life Journal, Kaos Karting, Heavy Metal Restorations Australia, and Wainwright Media.
We currently have partnership opportunities available. If you would like to become a part of our team, please contact us.

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